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Commission Artwork Price List, Spring-Summer 2018

Don Simpson Commission Artwork Price List, Spring-Summer 2018

Update: I've been drawing comic book convention sketches and commissioned art pieces for fans and collectors since 1984, and most of these can be found on the internet (there are almost as many Don Simpson drawings of Spider-Man, a character I've never drawn professionally, as there are of Megaton Man, my most famous creation!). Some of the better examples can be found on the Comic Art Fans website and on my Donald Simpson Facebook page.

As convention season rolls around again in 2018, I look forward to crafting at least a few more (I'm planning on 3 Rivers Comic Con in Pittsburgh May 19-20, 2018 and NEO Comic Con in Northeast Ohio August 19, 2018). If you are planning on attending one of those shows, it's always a good idea to make your commission/sketch request ahead of time, and if you're NOT going to be anywhere near a show this summer, you can still purchase a piece of Don Simpson art with your favorite character via post!

I am particularly grateful for the commissions and freelance assignments I have received since the spring of 2014, when more than a decade of college finally came to an end (I now consider myself a "recovering academic")! Thanks again for your support, and help me pay back my student loans!! -- Dr. Donald E. Simpson, PhD

Don Simpson Commission Art Price List, Spring-Summer 2018

Email me what you have in mind and budget: donaldsimpson1713 - at - gmail - dot - com.

Collector commissions are so unique and personal that any price list attempting to be comprehensive quickly becomes impossibly unwieldy. Recently, I have created several commissions in the neighborhood of $200-$500, for single character pin-ups in ink to multiple characters in cover-like compositions. A number of factors, including complexity, number of characters, background, medium (pencil, ink, watercolor, color pencil), subject matter, etc., and good old-fashion availability and schedule affect this price of a given commission.

Generally, a commission consists of a full-figure drawing of a character in pencil or ink. I don't have separate pricing for "head shots" or "torso up" or other configurations, as do some other artists. I don't use markers or anything impermanent or will fade or discolor over time; only the finest archival materials!

(I also have not done very many "sketch cards" or blank variant sketch covers-- but please inquire!)

Drawing a sketch in your sketchbook obviously entails additional shipping and logistics.

What follows is only the most basic ballpark of price lists:

My characters/creations (including Megaton Man, Bizarre Heroes, Border Worlds, "In Pictopia," etc.)

Basic 11" x 14" Strathmore 400 Drawing or Bristol, pen/brush and India ink: $200 on up.

Display 14" x 17" or 12" x 18" Strathmore 400 drawing or Bristol, pen/brush and India ink: $500 on up.

Color pencil on Strathmore Toned Grey, 9" x 12": $200 on up.

Other mediums may be available; please inquire.

Particularly complex or detailed characters such as Megaton Man, Yarn Man, and Jenny Woodlore in her textured spacesuit are more involving and labor-intensive, and may be priced 25%-50% more.

Number of characters, backgrounds, color, etc. will influence pricing.

Postage: add $20 to cover packaging and shipping via USPS First Class in the US. (Special shipping instructions may involve additional fee.)

"Special Requests" (and what isn't?!):

Popular characters that are not mine (straight or parody): Since I am drastically limited in the ways that I can publicize and exploit images of characters that are not my own creation (and not under my trademark or copyright), I generally charge 25% more, on up.

Requests likely to antagonize copyright holders legally or otherwise will not be considered.

Frontal Nudity/Explicit Erotica: Ordinarily, I will not draw my mainstream characters (Megaton Man, Bizarre Heroes), or other popular characters that are not mine, completely nude or in compromising situations, and I may turn down a request I find objectionable for any reason. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Border Worlds, a "Mature Readers"/"Adult" title, is a different matter; many requests are subject to ordinary pricing, but commissions involving nudity begin at 150% of the above prices, and may be turned down for any reason. Please inquire.

Commissions for Anton Drek characters (Wendy Whitebread, Forbidden Frankenstein, et al, signed by my pseudonym "Anton Drek") involving nudity or graphically explicit situations begin at 150% (mild nudity) to 200% (graphically explicit), on up. Please inquire.

Please note: I reserve the right to turn down any request I find objectionable for any reason.

Payment: check is preferred (mailing instructions will be provided); Paypal fees must add 2.9% of the commission fee plus shipping, + .30 (30 cents) per transaction. Please don't try to scam Paypal by claiming you are "family!"

The Paypal Fee Calculator is a handy online tool for estimating prices.

This list does not cover everything by a long shot, so you'll just have to contact me!

Go for it: Describe your commission request to me at donaldsimpson1713 - at - gmail - dot - com and please be as detailed as you can. I will respond as promptly as possible. Thanks!

Update 2017: Some recent convention sketches and commissions have been colored pencil on grey or tan paper:

More traditional pen and ink commissions are below:

Pen and ink, private commission for Brian Cremins, presented to Harlan Ellison in 2015. Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., and Mary Marvel are ™ and © DC.

Pen and ink, private commission for James Hall, 2015. Dracula's Daughter is ™ and © Don Simpson, all rights reserved. Mr. Monster is ™ and © Michael T. Gilbert, all rights reserved.

Pen and ink, private commission for Flavio Pessanha, 2015. In Pictopia is ™ and © Alan Moore and Donald Simpson, all rights reserved.
 Blank cover variants (you supply):

A recent commission for a blank cover variant! (Scroll down to the bottom of this post for more recent commissions.)
Characters created by Don Simpson are ™ and © Don Simpson, all rights reserved; the artist exclusively retains all rights to reproduce commissioned artwork in any medium whatsoever without limitation. Ownership of physical artwork by collectors does not include any right to reproduce or exploit such copyrighted images without express written permission of the artist.

All other characters are ™ and © their respective owners.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Everything and the Kitchen Too! A New Commissioned Piece

Here is a pen-and-ink and watercolor commission on 14" x 17" Strathmore 400 Drawing for Los Angelino Greg Reed, showing Megaton Man, Stella Starlight, and their love child Simon Phloog at home in Ann Arbor (around the era of Return of Megaton Man #3, 1988).

Megaton Man struggles with a jar of mayonnaise in this domestic genre scene!
If you are interested in an original Don Simpson work of art, please check out the Commission Price List!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Few Don Simpson Links (In Case You Are Curious)

Here are a few links to get you started:

Don Simpson Commissioned Art Price List
For one-of-a-kind works of cartoon art, including a gallery of recent pieces I've created for fans, collectors, and connoisseurs!

A Pictopia to Call One's Own: Independent Worlds vs. Corporate Crossovers
Video of my pseudo-scholarly presentation on team-ups and my own work such as Megaton Man and just-completed War of the Independents #4, featuring Bone, Cerebus, Flaming Carrot, Zippy the Pinhead, and a host of other indy characters, along with The Tick and Megaton Man in a cameo.

How Megaton Man Has Evolved In Thirty Years and Why I'm Still Drawing It/Him
Some notes on the Megaton Man meta-narrative and my work-in-progress graphic novel planned for 2016-2017.

Whatever Happened to Megaton Man #11, or, The Limits of Creator-Owned Comics
Some of the obstacles to the development of the Megaton Man narrative that I've had to struggle to overcome over the years, along with some hindsight insights.

The Clarissa Project: The Secret Development of Ms. Megaton Man!
The origins and thirty-year history of the break-out character featured in the new storyline.

Atomic Aftermath I: The Serial Continues...
Previews of the new graphic novel continuity.

Click around on all my blogs...there's more where that came from! Thanks.

Monday, June 29, 2015

From My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Days: Jagwar!

Here is a recent drawing I drew for Tim Prowant of Greenville, Ohio, of Jagwar, a character I originally drew in a story for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #14 (Archie Comics, September 1990). I really enjoyed penciling this issue and only wished I could have inked it myself! It was fun to draw the character finally in pen and ink (although I think I overdid the rendering a little, as the pen point kept tearing up the paper). I colorized it in Photoshop. I did a good bit of freelancing for Mirage Studios (originators of TMNT) and the Archie TMNT in those days, and it's surprising and pleasing that a lot of readers fondly remember those comics. (For collectors who have a favorite character from the past or anything else you'd like me to draw, see my commission price list!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Orphaned Drawings from Personal Appearances

Update 12/12/14: Watch videos of me drawing this Spidey! See final colored Spidey drawing below.

Ms. Megaton Man, from Genghis Con, Cleveland, Nov. 30, 2014.

I will part with no drawing before its time! Here are a couple of drawings I began at recent personal appearances (Ms. Megaton Man at Genghis Con in Cleveland, Nov 30, 2014 and Spidey at the Frank L. Melaga Art Museum in Brownsville PA, Dec 8, 2014), but ran out of time to complete them on-site. I later finished inking them, including making minor corrections, at home.

There is nothing more tragic than a homeless cartoon drawing, especially during the holidays! If you can provide safe, warm shelter for works of art like these, please contact me. Or, if you would like to commission a completely new, custom made drawing of your favorite character, please visit my commission rate page. Thanks, and have a happy holiday season!

Spider-Man colored in Photoshop.
Ms. Megaton Man is ™ and  © Don Simpson 2014, all rights reserved. Other characters are ™ and  © their respective creators/owners.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gallery Talk and Cartooning Demo at the Melaga

Here are some pictures of the gallery talk and demo held this past Saturday at the Frank L. Melaga Art Museum in Brownsville PA. As you can see, the turn out was good and I looked at the work of several aspiring cartoonists as well. I demonstrated my tracing paper technique as well as penciling, inking, and some corrections. The exhibit, Megaton Man: Rebirth@Half-Life, was supposed to end this coming weekend, but is going to be held over to Sunday, February 1, 2015! So if you haven't seen it yet, make your plans to visit Brownsville!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Yeehaw! Cowboy Gorilla Rides Agin'!

Here is a rootin', tootin' pencil sketch of Cowboy Gorilla commissioned by Bill Lait, a connoisseur of fine contemporary cartooning (see Bill's gallery at Comic Art Fans)! It was created at the opening of my gallery exhibit at the Frank L. Melaga Art Museum in Brownsville on October 11. The exhibit runs until December 14, and I hope you can catch it! (Here are some photos from the show.)

If you would like to commission an original piece of artwork in time for the holidays, see my commission price list and give me a holler at donaldsimpson1713 (at), and we'll rustle up a masterpiece for ya!